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Autumn Colors – Bordeaux and Brown in Vogue Paris

December 2nd, 2012

Vogue Paris Autumn Bordeaux

There is a certain magic to autumn with its change of colors and chilly weather. Once again we have the chance to fall in love with a well-tailored coat which protects us from the cold weather. I love to wear my camel jacket when the wind is not blowing and my Burberry vintage woolen coat when it is. In autumn it is still no that cold to make us sit at home with tea and cookies. We can enjoy the fresh air and the colorful season.

Vogue Paris Autumn Bordeaux

Coming back from Paris with the latest edition of Vogue Paris, I had a great inspiration for autumn in my hands. The jewelery part with an editorial about how watches was done wonderfully for this season. The model above reminded me of Julia Roberts beautiful smile and wonderful curls in “Pretty Woman“. The tailored clothes the model was wearing with it rich browns and greens mixed with the seductive bordeaux was just to fantastic to be ignored. I can’t wait to get myself some bordeaux nail polish and lipstick, put my curls in shape, wear my hat and go and enjoy the autumn weather.

Vogue Paris Autumn BordeauxVogue Paris Autumn Bordeaux

I love this editorial from Vogue Paris, as it takes advantage of the right mix of colors related to the season, natural beauty and sophisitcation. Especially the timeless presentation of the scenes makes it an inspiration for many following autumns to come.


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