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How to get up and get dressed: Summer Nights

August 18th, 2014

monday dressing inspiration

Summer nights are the best time of the day in places like Madrid. It’s cool enough to get out on the streets and compared to the north of Europe people really go out. It’s like comparing a desert to a jungle…


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Out Gardening!

August 15th, 2014

French Garden Roses

No posts lately as I have been out gardening a lot. With all that inspiration I got from Monty Don’s travel videos I grabbed my idea of a French garden and now it starts taking shape. There will be a pottage (in mini version), a sitting area with roses and a herb garden are already visible…


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How to get up and get dressed Summer Hot #4

August 11th, 2014

monday dressing summer inspiration

I once saw an article on a plane magazine about a couple that dedicated their life to the love for cashmere. I understand but for me in summer it’s rather linen…I just don’t understand why it doesn’t get more attention. Does anybody enjoy wearing polyester? Well today I show you my Saturday shopping outfit. It’s hot but I am wearing a jacket. The trick here is that it’s white (white reflects the sun light) and linen which keeps the heat away and let’s your skin breath. Smart right? It also give this bit of sophistication Saturday mornings at the local supermarket so often lack, right? Well here where I live now, people travel from far to go to Primark, it is really refreshing (and rebellious) to look more, well snobbish-smart but easy-cool.


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Gardening Therapy #1

August 6th, 2014

Garden Roses

With summer and temperatures around 30˚C I don’t really need any therapy here in The Netherlands but gardening just feels like it. I am trying to set up a “little French garden” on our terrace planting roses, lavender, an olive tree, a cherry bonsai and a lot of herbs wherever I find some place. It is quite relaxing even though working in the sun for 5 hours straight is quite tiring. Compared to office work I never feel like doing an afternoon nap on my desk. Today was also fun when I went to buy fair trade bananas and use the peel as a base for my roses ground and added some caffeine and wait for them to grow big and strong. In the meantime I’ll copy my cats holiday behavior, sleep, eat, play,….


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How to get up and get dressed: Summer Hot #3

August 4th, 2014

Monday Dressing Inspiration

Simplicity is key in summer as is lightness and warmth. The less I wear the lighter I feel and the easier it gets to stay cool in summer. I love flat sandals, even more when they are leather and sparkle. This summer I decided to try out baskets as you can see, this one from Dille and Camille in Delft. I wear Chanel Rose Confidentiel, it dries in a few minutes and goes with everything. This long shirt is quite a simple but still sophisticated piece when you wear it as a dress. My favorite summer earrings are again from Oddity London, and fit with my handbag. A pair of sunglasses, my favorite armcandy and a hat if it really gets hot. Summer I am ready.


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New In: The Design Files

August 2nd, 2014

Wooden Design Bulp Lamp

Some of our new design objects we collected at the Musthaves design store in Delft.



In the Nordic countries!

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