Cooking, Switzerland

Cooking in Switzerland

December 17th, 2011

Carbonara made by the brother of my flatmate

Every time I go for a visit to Switzerland I will be cooking Pasta Carbonara. I learned to do it the italian way with parmesan and eggs from the brother of my former flatmate. He is an italian cook and I am still trying to achieve the perfect result 😉 He brought his own pasta made by his mother so that it was really a unique eating experience.

the ingredients are very simple

For two persons you need:

Olive Oil


2 Eggs


some Garlic

and enough pasta

salt and pepper

To get started you cook the pasta in water to which you added some salt. In the meantime take a pan put the olive oil in and light the fire 😉 Add the sliced garlic until it gets some golden color but take it out before it burns. Now that it the garlic was removed add all the pieces of the bacon you have cut before and roast them. After the pasta is cooked, add it to the pan with the bacon. Now mix the yellow of the two eggs with the parmesan in a bowl. Add it to the pan over the pasta and mix it. Add the garlic, put some pepper and mix again. This should be done on low fire. When the egg-cheese mix is a bit hard, separate the Pasta Carbonara on two plates. Voilá

Result: Pasta Carbonara

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