The Netherlands

Dutch Landscape: Discovering a Dutch Dune

January 3rd, 2012

The Netherlands is a country where you have many undisturbed views. No mountains or hills can be found in the Dutch Landscape for miles and for many visitors from the south it feels like getting lost in the flatness.

Dutch Landscape

Dutch Landscape

Only of the highest points in The Netherlands are the Dunes. The are found on the beaches on the west coast. We went to Kijkduinwhich is around 7 km from Den Haag and has a very nice beach hsurrounded by a dune.

Dutch Landscape

Hidden behind the Dune is the pretty beach

Dutch Landscape

When we arrived the experience of not being able to see indisturbed for miles is very interesting. The dune totally blocked my view and it felt a bit wrong. For the locals this region is perfect for walks and biking. The dune protects them from the strong wind blowing from the sea. Besides walking in a dune is not something I could do in anywhere else than here at the North Sea, the Baltic Sea or in a dessert.

Dutch Landscape

It is acutally fun climbing around and looking for the beach on the other side.When we entered I found many mussels lying around at least 500m from the sea.

Dutch Landscape

Dutch Landscape

Finally we reach the beach

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And here come the comments!

  • Malou Prestado

    Great post! I used to live in Den Haag and hubby and I would normally cycle to the beach of Scheveningen and to the dunes of Meijendel. It is such a lovely area. I guess you also found the beaches of Holland to be unusually wide.

    • madrilicious

      For me Scheveningen is one of the nicest beaches to spend time in summer in The Nederlands. Thx for the nice comment!

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