Traditional Dutch Food Experience

December 28th, 2012

Eating local food is one of the best ways to get to know the country and the people. Even though it’s Xmas and our bellies are growing naturally while we just live from day to day, we dived into the Traditional Dutch Food Experience on our trip to Leiden.

Dutch Mustard Soup Leiden   Traditional Dutch Food Mustard Soup Leiden Traditional Dutch Food Soup Robertos Leiden Traditional Dutch Food Gehackballe Leiden NetherlandsTraditional Dutch Food LeidenRobertos Traditional Dutch Food LeidenRobertos Dutch Food LeidenRobertos Traditional Dutch Food LeidenRobertos Traditional Dutch Food LeidenHering and Fried fish Traditional Dutch Food  Traditional Dutch Food Applecake Leiden
At Roberto’s, a Dutch take-away in the winter months and a ice-cream shop in summer, we got the traditional thing prepared by a Brazilian. Things can’t get wrong when you get to try your food before you order it and so we had two soups and meatballs – perfect cold weather food. Afterwards we were able to face the rain again and have a stroll around Leiden just to end up eating apple cake and drink hot chocolate. Bigger bellies and back on the bus home to dinner…

A new day and also the last day in The Netherlands for this year we went for herring, a natural all-day food here paired with fried shrimps and mussels. Sour meets fried, a perfect combination. See you soon at the fitness workout. xoxo


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