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Gük – A Scandinavian Fashion Escape in Madrid

March 12th, 2012

Visiting Gük in Madrid after my holidays in Denmark was quite a natural thing to do.

I never really cared about scandinavian fashion till I went to visit Copenhagen in August 2011. It was like love on first sight with the ctiy and the Danish design. I couldn’t take one of those amazing chairs back home but I wanted to buy myself some clothes. People in Copenhagen have a special way of dressing up.

I read that they spend a certain time in front of the mirror in the morning and that being well-dressed is improtant for them. You can see this on the streets, where the Copenhageners are stylish but unique at the same time. In many cities of Europe this is very rare.

Gük Madrid Copenhagen Design Museum

When we went out to have some cocktails at a very local but famous bar, I immediatly realized that I was dressed like a tourist. I was wearing a long skirt with different colors and a black top. Beside I am not a blond, but I was not the only one there. When it came to the dresscode the Danish (and there were for one exception and us only Danish in this bar) were dressed in black and white. My eyes caught the sight of one blond beauty in a backless blackdress, black highheels and white silk long-shirt. I still remember what she was wearing after 8 months because of the perfect impression she gave me.

After these days in Copenhagen I wanted to dress like a Scandinavian or at least have some clothes that would make me feel like one. Lucky me, I live in Madrid where we have Gük “espacio nordico”. They have wonderful designs from Scandinavia and this spring/summer collection is really pretty with new designers and great colors and patterns.

The quality of the clothes and accessoires is also very good and even though the prices are not as low as at Zara or H&M, the things will last for a long time and you can feel like a Danish wearing them.
I got me some shoes for spring/summer from the outlet they have in the cellar for 50% off the original price. They also have jewelery and I really like to touch the soft purses and portmonnaies, made of ale leather, they offer.
Your next trip to Triball should include a visit to Gük.

Gük Madrid

Größere Kartenansicht

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