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1st of May Celebrations in Stockholm

May 2nd, 2013

Finally Spring has come to Stockholm and even though it is not yet 20˚C, the temperatures are going up and the coats are disappearing one by one into the darkness of the closets. 1st of May was a holiday and we had a beautiful sunny day and enjoyed it like many others outside in the sun with some ice-cream. We do ice-cream here as soon as the sun comes out in April. There is no time to waste, September is just around the corner and the cold weather will come back anytime.

1st of May is also a day of demonstrations and manifestations in Sweden and one of the most famous is happening in Uppsala wit students demonstrating and partying all day long. There is a boat race as well and the atmosphere is like at carnival.
Here some atmosphere shots from Stockholm:
Stockholm DemonstrationsStockholm SummerStockholm Summer


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