Paris in the Clouds – A Photography Walk

November 30th, 2012


we all expect it to be unforgettable, romantic and yes fashion. Personally I ahve fallen in love the first time I visited and coming back into a Paris of grey clouds and freezing temperature, I have to admit I still am in love with Paris. Especially the dynamics on the street, the beautiful area of Montmartre, the Musée de L’Orangerie and the chic way young and old people dress captures me every time. Walking for hours in Paris made me tired but it didn’t make me want to stop. Beauty whereever my eyes fall…


Montmartre Sacre CoeurMontmartre Sacre CoeurMontmartre Saint Laurent ParisMontmartre Sacre CoeurMontmartre Sacre CoeurTour EiffelParis Panda Art Street


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