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Sales Stockholm #1 – Go Local

August 9th, 2013

Sales season…what can I say about this? It is definitely a time to hunt down bargains but also frustrating once in a while. After traveling for some time now and living in different countries I definitely have my favourite shops but… arrrgh I am far away from them now. What would I give to just switch for a few days! Nevertheless I came to visit some of the local Scandinavian brands (I cannot really say which ones are Swedish, but they were all new to me). I am sure you find something for yourselves among them and I put a list with a few more at the end!

sales shopping stockholm
best shops stockholm
best shops stockholm
best shops stockholm
best shops stockholm
best shops stockholm

- The Local Firm
- BLK Denim
- Tiger of Sweden
- Hope
- Whyred
- Nathalie Schuterman
- Anne-Sofie Back

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